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Jak często ćwiczenia na biceps?

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Mam pytanie jak często ćwiczyć biceps? poszperałem trochę w internecie i teraz już zupełnie nie wiem. Gdzieniegdzie napisane jest, że najlepiej ćwiczyć 2 - 3 razy w tygodniu, a znowu gdzie indziej wyczytałem, że maksymalnie raz na tydzień można ćwiczyć.

Czy ćwicząc 3 razy w tygodniu dobrze robię, czy może ograniczyć trening do jednego na tydzień?



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moim zdaniem to zalezy od tego co chcesz osiagnac :)

jezeli na silowini robisz mase/sile to cwiczysz wiekyszmi ciezarami to raz w tygodniu wystarczy bo biceps musi odpoczac

jezeli rzezba/spalanie fatu to cwiczysz mnieszymi ciezarami i 2 razy w tygodniu , 3 mysle ze za duzo


Chyba ze nie chodzisz na silowie a masz hantelki i cwiczysz sam biceps to  .. niewiem :P ale wtedy mysle bic ktory nie ma wiekszych obciazen na sile/mase 1-2 razy , a na rzezbe 2-3 w tygodniu

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Zależy od intensywności treningu.

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Jeśli masz ulożony swój dzienny plan treningowy bicepsu to sam możesz ocenić jaka przerwa jest Ci potrzebna. Kolejny trening przeprowadzał będziesz jak poszujesz, że mięśnie są już wypoczęte. Jak koledzy wcześniej wspomnieli: zależy jak ćwiczysz. Nie da się ustalić uniwersalnej przerwy.

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No ja właśnie w domu mam hantelki i sobie ćwiczę. Jakoś specjalnie po tych ćwiczeniach zmęczony nie jestem i mógłbym codziennie ćwiczyć, ale w takim razie będe ćwiczył 2 razy w tygodniu. Myśle, że to wystarczy. 

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Kolega ćwiczył 3 razy w tyg. biceps i SPALIŁ !

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bo moze cwiczyl 3 lub 2 dni pod rzad m czego byc nie moze :)

powinno byc tak  - PN - SR - PT - odpoczynek jednego dnia

poza tym jak juz mowilem jest roznica pomiedzy cwiczeniami

na mase/sile  - mniej powtorzen wiekszymi ciezarami miesnie bardziej sie mecza , taki trening 1 max 2 w tyg

na rzezbe - wiecej powtorzen mniejszymi ciezarami miesnie sie mniej mecza , taki trening 2-3 razy w tygodniu


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Jak ćwiczysz mase czy siłe raz na tydzień dobry trening w zupełności wystarczy. Nie wiem jak z rzeźbą no ale przynajmniej 2 razy na tydzien.

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No zakładając, że nie ćwiczysz tylko biceps ale i inne partie mięśni weź pod uwagę że przy ćwiczeniu innych partii biceps też pracuje choć w nie tak zaawansowanym stopniu, więc moim zdaniem jeśli chcesz osiągnąć ładny duży kulisty bicepsik to ćwicz go raz tygodniowo w 12seriach czyli np. 2 ćwiczenia po 6 serii lub 3 ćwiczenia po 4 serie, na początek polecam pierwszy wariant potem zacznij zminiać ćwiczenia w miare postępów do tego dobra micha i należyty odpoczynek iłapka w oczach puchnie pozdrawiam

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przy slabej 2 dni
przy sredniej 3 dni
przy wysokiej intensywnosci 4-5 dni

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The information identifying outward on this bag is a small identifier relief between fasteners handle, and instead of a bold monogram , the company name and location of Paris . This is more consistent with how brands like Hermes and Celine are doing and how the high-end customers generally expect their leather goods logo'd in the current market .
The iconic French design house has long offered a limited selection of products for sale on its website, but as Louis Vuitton , Hermes has always kept the exclusive tracks on the Internet. Although the online presence of this bag is probably the result of its basic design , and the products of "Surprise! " General Section will not stick for long, Hermes could offer a piece of the most exclusive product category on its website says a lot about where the industry is headed .
A smooth veneer will not be enough to rebuild a brand whose image is also rooted in the minds of luxury consumers as Vuitton , and Ghesqui¨¨re offers much more artistically than just a buzzworthy name.
Jacobs has recently appointed two large names , Kate Hillier and Luella Bartley , reorganize his Marc by Marc Jacobs brand , admitting he had fallen behind on the rapidly growing contemporary . With the pressure of the supervision of four complete collections a year for three distinct brands , perhaps Jacobs thinks its time to scale back its responsibilities and focus on the lines that bear his name .
LV who served well for the better part of two decades, but the tastes of upscale consumers move to something more simple and sometimes discreet, it only makes sense that a change in creative talent hasten change Vuitton aesthetics . Besides setting a new name to a brand can powerfully influence the expectations and perceptions of consumers beyond those based on

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aesthetics. If Vuitton wants to ask consumers to think differently , offering a new perspective increases the likelihood that consumers will be willing to listen .
First, we figure you guys fit into two groups: people who Vuitton current customers and those who consider . For those customers , especially those of you who buy mainly lines Monogram Canvas ( or not ) to consider , do not feel offended by the attitude of LV to its entry-level clients? Have yourself an entry level to consider brand costume ? You feel less likely to shop with Vuitton because of his attitude, and if you do, where you spend your dollars handbag in the future?
Well, today , Portero offers an extra 10 % off Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories. With this extra 10 % , you could potentially hang a new LV for 70% off ! This sale starts today at noon EST and ends at 5:00 p.m. EST. Then go on and start shopping ! Make sure to enter the promo code : PURSEF at checkout! And of course, do not forget to come back and share all the great items you've picked up !
Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re has done fantastic things at Balenciaga , which is a great brand, but nothing compared to the financial strength and the industry position of LV . At Vuitton , it will have almost unlimited resources at its disposal to design and manufacture , and LVMH looks very serious about increasing brand cachet , it will probably be encouraged to use them with abandon.
News Wednesday that Marc Jacobs would do his Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 show his last as creative leader of the brand was a lot of things, but it was not exactly surprising. Rumors have been swirling for months that negotiations to extend the mandate of 16 Jacobs brand led nowhere , and in the days before the show , news agencies such as Women's Wear Daily reported that decision was

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taken that Jacobs quit to focus on expanding its own brand, which LVMH is a major investor . This is an important step that has many implications in the industry , starting with the rumors about who will take over Louis Vuitton and what it means for brand bags .
Louis Vuitton will never let us down when it comes to finding a way to add to its iconic monogram logo on each new season bags. This is part of the genius behind the brand, the company has the gift of showing us constantly logo on anything and everything they create. Maybe you 're not in the logo, but millions of people are, and this is clearly massive sales figures and monogram easily recognizable. Personally, I tend to stay away from logo, LV but when done well, it lures me into thinking that I need a piece of the season is just as " Louis Vuitton ", as it is fashionable .
Regular Black Friday sales , it's fun , but you know what 's really fun ? Be able to get their hands on vintage and gently used items that are not normally available on the Internet at all . This is where our friends at Rue La La come - they are known for offering the best vintage and gently used rare coins on the Internet, and because today is a great day in online shopping , they concocted something particularly special for you with the street sale Luxury Gifts .
If you are not currently a customer of Louis Vuitton shop but other lines of high-end bags , this change in strategy Vuitton is targeted towards you. Do you find the idea of ??more discrete , leather Vuitton logo - missing interesting? Would you be willing to spend $ 4000 or more on a leather bag brand if you liked the design and the materials thought deserved the prize , or visions of teenagers carrying Neverfulls Monogram

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dance in your head , no matter what?
The rumors have finally been confirmed : Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re , formerly of Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs to replace the creative head behind the women's division of Louis Vuitton, according to an announcement by the mark on his official Twitter account this morning. Reports daily use women as the first collection in the mandate will Ghesqui¨¨re at Vuitton fall 2014 show in March.
Louis Vuitton Noefull MM caught my attention with its floral print ikat and harmonious combination of Neverfull and Neoe brand bags . The strap allows the bag to expand to resemble the packaging Neverfull always popular, but with a pinch of cord , you end up with another classic, Noe . When the two meet , it makes for a chic wedding two classics, nicknamed Noefull . Not only the shape pretty cool, but the floral ikat print on canvas is stylish too. I love how the monogram runs smoothly in the color scheme . The price is not so friendly : buy via Louis Vuitton for $ 1770.
Herm¨¨s has an interesting product category on the website called "Surprise! " Who is periodically updated with new pieces ranging from breathtaking eccentric . It currently contains a marble horse head sculpture that sells for over $ 7000 and a mini- saddle crocodile which will cost you more than 20 Gs.
As you probably already know if you're here reading this, the only way to buy new, authentic Louis Vuitton is directly from the company. Even when the Vuitton bag are sold within department stores, it is still in rented by the brand , consisting of its own employees and its own channels provided by product spaces. When a bag or sells a line is interrupted, it is sold everywhere, never to be seen again. Except, that is, you 're a RueLaLa member .
Logos really have strong associations with consumers in general, and this is especially true for fashion consumers who expect logos

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telegraph very specific things on their very expensive purchases . When a logo becomes a little dusty or brand loses its luster, a construction company logos on leading can quickly turn into a liability.
As far as the mandate Jacobs Vuitton is associated with the sale of bag prolific hand and the emergence of huge profile Vuitton among fashion lovers , movement ( which Jacobs claims was made on the morning of spring 2014 show - I 'm not sure I believe him) comes at a fortuitous time for the brand. LVMH has made no secret of his desire to lead Louis Vuitton in the direction of more traditional luxury and aesthetics Jacobs has always been driven by flashy visuals and references to pop culture by what looks or feels obviously expensive .
More people become accustomed to buying luxury goods online, they want more options , especially when it comes to things that are vintage, used or is not available in regular stores . ( Or sold in very limited points of sale, such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. ) Several services types , luxury dedicated re- sellers like Portero flash sales site Rue La La as the traditional auction houses like Heritage Auctions offering now online options for luxury goods, have emerged to meet these desires, but some retailers like Shopbop are taking research vintage designer handbags in their own hands.
Much has been done , both by us and by our stakeholders on the highly publicized change of strategy of Louis Vuitton to higher prices in the hope of deterring consumers from entry-level luxury and attractive more customers tranche Hermes income. The strategy includes two prices - increases on existing products and production of more bags of high-level leather and exotic instead of signature coated canvas Vuitton ( often with his monogram auxiliary ) , and the last bag to appear following these plans is the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag leather Federalist .
The coming change in creative

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leadership , rumored to be focused on the former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re will , affect your opinion , or do you feel that your perceptions of Louis Vuitton are already set in stone , for better or for worse?
Rue La La has teamed up with Bella bag, which in turn has scoured the market for the best opportunity , and limited edition vintage Louis Vuitton items there. With all pieces as a foundation Neverfull Monogram Canvas rare finds from limited edition collections , there is a little something for each client (and prices ) in the sale, which runs until Tuesday, February 5 . Discover our selections sale below or go directly to Rue La La to shop the huge selection Vuitton !
It's that time ! Our friends at Rue La La Launch Handbags Louis Vuitton Bags Picks by Bella right now, and selection of used and vintage LV is absolutely crazy. Not only the sale includes all the classic Vuitton Speedy and Neverfull as in all their different sizes and materials, but it also includes limited edition pieces , favorite past - season and a selection of each famous artist collaborations BT . You can find the full selection of hundreds of pre- loved bags from today , June 23 at 11:00 at Rue La La, but for your convenience, we have also included our absolute favorite pieces from the sale below below .
Long speculated on - the appointment of Ghesquiere is the latest move in the plan to position Vuitton for upscale customers who have grown tired of his signature monogram canvas . At Balenciaga , Ghesqui¨¨re built a reputation on the avant- garde and innovative textiles and construction skills that offer the kind of consideration, exclusive based on the value that the richest customers have come to expect from their purchases mode.
For a company like Vuitton, who simply do not want to steal , even if it is unquestionably the most gifted on

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the market design currently a free agent . With the base of devoted fans Vuitton and artistry Ghesquiere , however, the trade may not prove to be a problem, if these rumors turn into reality.
Exotic Hermes are beyond legendary , and while the alligator version of this bag does not crack the ceiling to make the most expensive exotic bag on the Internet ( the alligator version, which is smaller, will cost $ 26 900 for the largest crocodile $ 38,000 ), the presence of it for sale online, directly from the brand, represents a new step in the business of luxury provisional embrace online shopping . With Forbes reports that online sales have increased significantly while sales brick-and - mortar offset this holiday season , the writing may be on the wall for more staid designer brands .
We have some of the best elements below ( and above , of course) , and if you 're intrigued , do yourself a favor and head on over to see what you might be able to get a flight .
ShopBop has worked with raw pillar what goes around, comes around for several years , and in the past , offers handbag included many Chanel and Hermes one or two pieces . ShopBop has now added a small selection of limited edition and discontinued Louis Vuitton pieces that range , including coveted pieces of art collaborations Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami. Below, we've included our favorite of all the What Goes Around , Comes Around ShopBop parts , or you can see the entire offer vintage ShopBop .
Our friends RueLaLa have once again teamed up with Madison Avenue Couture to bring you a great selection of handbags Louis Vuitton vintage and used . The original co- Stephen Sprouse Vuitton Murakami famous cherries some incredibly stylish all leather options of the brand, you will find tons of bags you will not find anywhere else , plus a large selection of

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bags the most coveted brand legendary monogram Canvas . Online quickly , though - the bags are limited and the sale has just launched ! Discover our selections after the jump or shop the full sale via RueLaLa .
The price is also not so bad after all. Let me put it this way , I bought a Wapity who holds the keys , 2 cc , my identity , cell phone, small lip gloss for about $ 300. This tote is great functional and available via eLuxury for $ 915. Seems quite justifiable now is not it ? !
After a short break from posting , I'm back in action. I was a bit overwhelmed with my life , work, and all the stress in general. So I took a few days, did a little shopping, went too the spa (twice! ) , and even managed to nap a few times. Now that I am refreshed and rejuvenated you have to put up with me . Let us all thank you for Vlad his attempt to run things for a few days ... THANK YOU! So now Vlad is off skiing in the Alps , yes, he lives a hard life , and I came back to me and deliver all in beautiful bags. This week is devoted to new creators and we'll throw in another contest with 2 prizes ! Mixed with some of the usual, there will be a very new. Get ready for a great week : - D
Friday , something interesting has been brought to our attention on Twitter - Hermes now has a very special exotic bag for sale on its website. In our memory and our tipster , this is the first time exotic bags were so widely accessible from the notoriously insular brand and Hermes Double Sens Tote Croco , it may be an indicator of future inevitable boutiques.
What I like even more is the red microfibre lining with sweatband and

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a cell phone pocket and zipper. Zip this baby and get on the road without worrying about losing important assets. I think I 'm in love . I was itching for a new tote and BT has just made its way to my heart quite well .
We followed the story very publicly shifting strategy accessories Louis Vuitton closely , and whenever we put you up to date on it , you guys have a lot to say. History and attitudes Vuitton to its customers to bring out a lot of opinions , both for and against the attempts of the brand to shift its focus to a leather -centric, superior customer dollars , but we have never asked you guys straight-up whether or not the change has affected your own buying behavior . Today we want to know.
I jumped in Bal Harbour last week with Vlad. Typically I like to go there. But it was just one of those days. You know those days when you think your pants look too tight , your shirt rides up, your skin does not look cool ? Yeah , I had that day . So after a not-so- great experience in Neiman Marcus ( come on, you never say A LADY She needs a stabilizer oil a day over 100 degrees and humid !) We made our way to Louis Vuitton . The store Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour is always welcoming , has a great SA

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, and has an impressive range of bags. Unfortunately , my favorite SA was not that day , so I did not buy anything .
We all know , I am an avid traveler who seems to misplace my passport in large handbags from time to time : lol: . The interior also features a patch pocket and cell and impeccably delicious honey microfiber lining phone pocket. There is a zipper so that even if you ride , your goods will not fly . For $ 1180 I'm in love . Buy in store exclusive line of eLuxury .
If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re (which may be all of you, in fact) , let us know your thoughts on these potential movements in the comments!
Almas these are part of the largest Louis Vuitton Parnass¨|a Collection, which also includes the newly refurbished Capucines bags and new versions of the bag Sofia Coppola. The Parnass¨|a are all pieces of leather classics that do not have the logo appears forced that often characterized Vuitton leather goods in the past Capucines , for example, has a great logo , but the structure of the bag offers the possibility for the owner to carry the monogram completely covered .
In recent years, the Marc Jacobs brand has also lagged behind some of its competitors , particularly in accessories uber - profitable and shoe companies , although Jacobs shows are still among the most influential in the world . It was from the Stam bag in the middle 2000s, the rocket Jacobs accessories has its own brand a huge hit.
But I have not noticed this piece Azur and I really took a liking to it. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Saleya GM is the perfect size 18.1 " x 12.9" x 9.4 " , for the lady who means business every day. The outside zippered pocket caught my attention. I would easily throw papers there in my phone , and my passport when traveling .
The new version of the Alma is also available in two smaller sizes, an hour and a mini -PPM . For comparison , the PPM is 9.8 inches wide, the PM is 12.6 inches and clocks in MM 13.8 inches, ideal for everyday option. See all versions of the bag below , complete with pricing and purchase information .
Even consumers who are not fans or customers will recognize the form Vuitton Alma iconic 's - a domed satchel with short handles and a long zipper closure . It was a classic

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Louis Vuitton for centuries, and in the recent past , it was most often seen in Monogram canvas or patent leather embossed logo . Even Almas Epi Leather Popular have a monogram embossed in the lower front corner , ensure that even those who preferred the more discreet option were still flashes a little logo. Under the new guidance Vuitton, this is no longer the case .
Other than that , it's just good , plush leather as far as the eye can see , brighter material in silver or gold , depending on the color of the bag . The sophisticated design feels in line with what customers expect to see a $ 4000 -plus price , which is the largest leather version Federalist, MM pictured above , will cost you.
You will never find more strange handbags, more wonderful than you want an auction of luxury handbags brand auction . Auctioneers sourcing finds - big spenders , some of which are collectors of life that have earned privileges on special order with their favorite brands , after years of buying bags most of us can only dream. In Heritage Auctions Signature Luxury holiday auction , you will find some of these special pieces , as well as popular handbags at prices and some items that make you wonder who thought of them first.
The auction has more traditional options as well as the neutral leather Birkins and hard to find Stingray Boy Chanel Bags , plus a tribute to the legacy handbag Marc Jacobs head of Louis Vuitton. Many of these bags, especially those who are not tried - and true collectibles , will be a very good deal at the auction heritage, ski on December 10 and 11 in Dallas, Texas. If you are not in Dallas, do not worry - online auction opens today . For more information on some of the most notable bags available, see our selections below or browse through the catalog of


With all this in mind , the distribution between Jacobs and Vuitton can prove to be a good time for both sides of the business. It always seems strange to consider a post- Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton, but no doubt the show will be held for all participants.
According to the Telegraph, the growth in the third quarter of LVMH weakened only two percent , a result of the recent change in the conglomerate strategy probably predicted. Although it is still growing , it is certainly a marked change compared to what most luxury company in the world and is used for the type of growth it is taken into account in the past. At the height of LVMH , quarterly adult is often as high as ten per cent , and it was down to five to six per cent earlier this year .
Vuitton and Jacobs are currently still in negotiations to renew the contract , and if Jacobs left , it would be of his own volition . After all, he presided over a decade and a half of sales and record profits for the leather goods company , and despite the recent willingness Vuitton LVMH to take in a direction that is more attractive to the finest the market, the brand seems to be comfortable with the idea that Jacobs is still the man for the job. He may have other ideas , however, and in his absence , rumors indicate former head of Balenciaga Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re could be the heir to the world's largest luxury brand.
Ghesquiere not only widely regarded as a genius in the industry, but it is the kind of big name that excite people of fashion and general consumers alike. Not only that, but he has proven expertise in creating handbags incredibly popular , a category that is still the bread and butter Vuitton and likely will for the foreseeable future , if not forever .
After all, these are the ladies

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of the family who usually know the best holiday because we are usually the ones struggling with the gift tax resistance - buying , packaging and cooking. You deserve a treatment (or maybe two ) , and we have a few suggestions to get you started when the sale opens in a half hour. Online quickly , though - the sale is from 15 am today, Nov. 23 to 11 am, Monday, November 26 . All complete with 3 sales!
No fashionable society also depends on the popularity of logos prominent as Vuitton , it is not surprising that , instead of limiting the production of goods covered logo, LV would rather try to raise the image those with more luxurious finishes like python and ostrich instead of calfskin expected. The theory of these bags seems to be that if you surround the monogram with the highest quality materials , the association may raise the whole product .
Considering all this , recent exodus of Marc Jacobs brand comes to what can actually be an opportune moment. While Jacobs was generally a boon for business handbags of Louis Vuitton, it seems that his particular brand of magic began to fade. Fashion is almost always willing to reconsider a historical name with a new creative bar talent ( hello, C¨|line ) , so if ever LVMH gets Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re to sign on the dotted line , we could be in fun.
With all of Herm¨¨s , Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags , Chanel and Hermes accessories, Tiffany jewelry ( a first! ) This huge sale not only has a lot of options for the lucky recipients on your gift list this season holiday , but perhaps a little something that you can treat yourself.
The best way to start is with a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag . I am a sucker for packaging BT more than most of their other forms. I do not know why, but I am. The new Louis

Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

Vuitton Saleya MM implements a classy touch to a bag that can be used for work, every day , or play . Personally , I find this bag is the perfect bag for work . Large enough to contain folders , newspapers, magazines , and maybe even your laptop, this tote screams " buy me because you will surely use me ' ( overall dimensions 17.7" L x 11 " H x 7.8" W). This Damier canvas is finished with dark chocolate leather trim smooth , rolled leather straps , and is accented with La rounded golden links.
Louis Vuitton has long been the biggest cash cow of LVMH, and perceptual problems with Monogram bags began to haunt the brand. Namely, customers at the highest end of the market , those who buy most often and spend the most money Vuitton perceive to be a brand that caters to a less sophisticated market segment to gently. When you couple that with a market that is no more Celine Luggage Bags Trapeze packaging and rays disappear instantly ( and without replacement super buzzy for C¨|line ), the change of LVMH 's strategy seems well timed .
Tenders improve when you talk about one of the auctions weekly luxury heritage where everything starts at $ 1, there is no reserve and all products are guaranteed to be authentic . Auction this week, ending at 23 hours on January 22 , includes elements of lust worthy as an orange Hermes Birkin , Hermes Collier de Chien a , bags and Chanel and Louis Vuitton , among others. Wherever the bidding ends , this is where the item sells . If you are looking to add some accessories to your Hermes collection - belts , cuffs, that sort of thing - you can check it as well .
As we told you when the story broke , the strategy of LVMH is to go after large customers - fish that are now a little

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suspicious of his marquee brand. This means that the increase in general prices to discourage low-end customers and renewing the focus by the company on the leather instead of canvas monogram. Early indicators of this strategy have already reached the public, including the production of Neverfull bag of entry level priced leather and the introduction of several all- leather bags with a more limited use of the company logo .
The most interesting for us, however , is just a small reversible tote , covered with a crocodile either side Porosus or alligator mississippiensis , depending on the size you choose.
In life, there are some great equalizers: the DMV , the command line to Duane Reade , the site Ticketmaster morning that Beyonce Lady Gaga tickets for sale . For celebrities , the great equalizer seems to be the airport, no matter how rich and famous they are , unless they fly on private plans and from private airports ( and almost none of they do) , legendary movie stars and reality need famewhores like to go through security, to submit their bags X-ray machines and submit to the paparazzi who constantly trawl LAX and JFK , waiting for them to to the foot of their door for their service waiting car . Nobody escapes certain rules of modern air travel .
If you have never considered participating in an auction , now might be the time to try . Even a traditional auction house Heritage Auctions as is often the source of great deals on rare limited edition or hard to find bags , often because most buyers do not know the bag is there to watch or are intimidated by mechanical an eBay auction no . Ultimately , this translates into a very good deal on almost everything.
I know some of you are already familiar with the online market, Portero . This is a great resource for authentic handbags and accessories used . In fact, we have

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worked with recent Portero and come to find, there are several items available at any given time who actually never been used, but you can still enter at reduced prices !
Unless you became a collector Louis Vuitton there are literally dozens of years , you probably can not imagine the brand without Marc Jacobs, Vuitton 's artistic director of 16 years , which has revolutionized business handbag brand , began a trend of collaborations of artists from across the industry and positioned the company firmly at the crossroads of fashion culture and pop .
Because of this , we have plenty of photographic evidence explaining exactly how the stars move , and it seems as if there is a second great equalizer at the airport in addition to TSA: Louis Vuitton luggage . Keepalls stars heavily favor monogram canvas Pegase rolling suitcases and their go-to hand luggage, but other parts and materials designer get a little love too . More than anything, however, it is impressive to see how much travel gear Vuitton seems to cross all kinds of lines - gender, race, age , career type , level of fame - to saturate the market of celebrity. Discover preferred by everyone from Jane Fonda to Kim Kardashian after the jump LV pieces.
We did discuss plans Louis Vuitton to target a more upscale clientele and discourage buyers from entry-level luxury flocking to the brand as they have done in the past, and now that more and more fall 2013 collection handbag brand is more available via its website , means that these plans will shape the products of the brand leather go ahead come in striking relief . Not only repositioning means more Vuitton bags all leather , but it means that the iconic Monogram canvas will be used in most upscale ways. Among the first of these attempts are bags Louis Vuitton Monogram Exotic.
This leaves Marc Jacobs , of course. He and head of LVMH Bernard Arnault

Christian Louboutin Outlet

out of their way to ensure the public that the separation of Jacobs and Louis Vuitton is one amicably. (Jacobs thanked by name in the notes of his last show , and they did an interview together thereafter . ) The explanation most often heard (and that reiterated by Jacobs himself) for the split, c is that he wants to focus on its own brands, which grew slightly dusty by some measures in recent years.
The company recently expanded into cosmetics, however, and with the kind of brand recognition that they have, there is certainly room and opportunity to grow with all the creative energy of Jacobs focused on their rebirth. The hope seems to be an IPO in the coming years , perhaps inspired by recent public offering of Michael Kors .
Although LVMH , which owns Louis Vuitton, and more suppliers handbag noted as Celine, Dior and Givenchy, does not break the results by brand , it does not indicate product categories that were the lowest , and apparently this decline in growth is the result of a decrease in sales in the categories previously hunting fashion and leather cash, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry. These are the categories "Big Three" that luxury companies can usually count on to bring in more stable cash flows.
Yesterday morning, however, Fashionista reported that rumors of the industry and its own anonymous sources indicate that long term Jacobs at the head of the brand can be at the end of his contract expires in 2014.
Former creative director of Balenciaga ( and creator of the hugely successful Motorcycle Bags ) Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re is the name most often heard to replace Jacobs, and is rumored to have been in talks with LVMH for some time now . These talks have yet to prove conclusive , but it would probably be the best choice for such a huge role.
Among these items is a Hermes Kelly that heritage is billing as the rarest in

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the world : a one-of -a-kind piece special order with five bright red crocodile feet to match its balance of red crocodile. Why five and not four ? Who knows. The rich are not like the rest of us . If they want five , they get five , even if the subject is at hand stubby little legs on top of which their Hermes bags are sitting for all eternity . I looked at this bag for a few days now, and I still feel that I could be hallucinating it .
Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly the biggest brand designer handbag in the world, but to put their hands on exactly the Vuitton bag you want can be maddeningly difficult, especially if the bag was a limited edition or come for a season previous . Louis Vuitton continues such a tight control on its inventory of detail that sometimes seems lost . But it is not , especially when we have things like handbags Louis Vuitton Shop by Bella Bag sale at Rue La La to get us through.
While this is all just gossip , it makes a number of sense , given the timing and strategies of all brands and designers involved. The only real issue I see involves Ghesquiere , although its motorcycle bags sold well at Balenciaga 's designs, whatever loved by the fashion people were generally not gold retail .
Whether this theory will produce results depends entirely on the implementation , and the first series of bags , drawings feel a little overcooked . In most cases, there are too many colors , textures and materials for the design to achieve the high end subtlety that is in vogue at the moment competitors , although the bags which contrasting materials are made in Burgundy the best price . As you guessed , the fancy garnish significantly affect the price of the bags - they begin to $ 5.750 from the top of nearly

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$ 8,000. Check them out below.
For a designer proven experience creating handbags hysteria worthy , the results have the potential to be anything revolutionary . Get ready for a brand new Louis Vuitton .